COVID's Staying Power Hampers Industrial Purchasing

August purchasing numbers showed V-shaped recoveries in many key sectors, but still lag year-over-year.

Cortera, in partnership with Moody’s Analytics, uses their COVID-19 Economic Impact Tracker (CEIT) to provide a breakdown of purchasing data from thousands of companies in various sectors of the U.S economy. Editorial Director Jeff Reinke sits down with Jim Swift, the founder and CEO of Cortera to discuss the tracker’s latest data and what it means to purchasing trends throughout the industrial marketplace. 

In this episode of the Industrial Buyer's Breakdown, Swift discuss the CEIT’s August numbers and reports on a collection of positive indicators in key markets. He also dives into:

  • How work-from-home versus reopening strategies are impacting purchasing numbers.
  • The differences and similarities of B2B and B2C purchasing trends.
  • The impacts being felt by the ongoing evolution of ecommerce.
  • A number of other purchasing drivers that could impact the last quarter of the year.
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