Security Breach: Hiding, Not Running from Hackers

Credential stuffing, authentication tokens and dark web marketplaces have helped spawn a new security solution: device cloaking.

When it comes to securing the industrial enterprise, a great deal of focus is being paid to what might seem like the little things – such as passwords, logins or credentials that are used to limit access to networks or data platforms.

The problem has been the continued use of weak, easy to remember passwords and login workarounds that have created vulnerabilities, and contributed to numerous, successful malware, phishing and ransomware attacks. The response has been the infusion of protocols meant to strengthen these soft spots, but measures such as double-factor authentication and zero trust access have been met with resistance and the aforementioned workarounds.

Capterra, a provider of software selection guides, found that restricting data access without impacting workflows, the ability to develop new security policies, and selecting zero trust vendors continue to be significant obstacles in adopting zero trust strategies. So, the tools are there, but we need to figure out more effective ways of using them.

Joining us to discuss some potentially new and better strategies is Tom Sego, CEO & Co-Founder of BlastWave.

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