If E-Commerce Isn't Making Your Sales Team More Effective, You're Doing it Wrong

Lance Owide of BigCommerce on what distributors are missing in the e-commerce equation.

There was a time when only the biggest distributors had e-commerce sites, while other, smaller companies dismissed it as too expensive, too redundant or “not what my customers are interested in.”

It’s become clear over the past decade, however, that those days — and those objections — are gone. As the business case for e-commerce continuously increases, there are also fewer barriers to entry, since tools like cloud and SaaS offer options for big and small distributors alike.

But there’s more to the story than just creating a transactional hub because your customers want it.

Today, we’re joined by Lance Owide, director of business groups and B2B general manager for BigCommerce, a company that attempts to offer enterprise-level e-commerce capabilities — without the complexity and high costs associated with other solutions.

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