How Amazon Has Literally Changed the Landscape of the U.S.

The e-commerce giant's real estate holdings jumped nearly 40-fold in a decade.

Big Rentz recently unveiled a study showcasing some interesting facts about Amazon’s real estate and warehousing operations.

You could fit 138,695 average-sized houses into the space occupied by Amazon warehouses.

The largest warehouse, in Wilmington, Delaware, is big enough to house 66.6 football fields. 

The average Amazon fulfillment center is about 800,000 square feet – roughly the same size as Buckingham Palace.

California leads the way with 35 warehouses, followed by Texas (28) and New Jersey (17). Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are the only states without an Amazon warehouse.

In 2019, Amazon owned $39.2 billion worth of real estate – up from $1 billion in 2010.

The study also states that Amazon warehouses have an 80% higher rate of injury than its competitors despite the presence of about 200,000 robots.

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