Gen Z in Manufacturing: Young Workers Have Been Programmed to Handle Cobots

A 23-year-old project engineer discusses the generational divide when it comes to working with industrial robots.

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I’m Nolan Beilstein, and welcome to another episode of Gen Z in Manufacturing, a series where I talk with young workers about their jobs in manufacturing and what they look for from an employer.

For this episode, I welcome Kyle Goodman, a 23-year-old project engineer at Buffalo Manufacturing Works, a non-profit R&D organization, operated by engineering consultancy EWI, that helps small and medium manufacturers understand and implement new automation technologies.

In this episode, Kyle and I discuss how his experience with cobots in internships brought him to his current position, why his company’s type of work attracted him to the job and the role Gen Z can play in the development of cobots.

In this episode, Kyle also discusses:

  • How he was introduced to the engineering field (:53)
  • How his experience with cobots in school and internships prepared him for his current career (1:34)
  • What attracted him to Buffalo Manufacturing Works (2:11)
  • The flexible hours his job offers (3:52)
  • Generational divides he encounters (4:27)
  • How different generations work with cobots (4:59)
  • How he collaborates with older workers (5:51)
  • The role Gen Z can play in the development of cobots (7:03)

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