5 Minutes with ID: Credit Key Chief Revenue Officer Eric Allen

Many distribution companies have similar origin stories: strong salespeople with entrepreneurial mindsets take the plunge into industrial supply because they’re good at solving problems for customers. But then come the barriers. Running a distribution business requires dedicated business acumen, and many leaders find themselves bogged down with the day to day when they’d much rather be out on sales calls or visiting the plant floor of a key account.

That’s where solutions providers can save the day, and today we’re here to talk about how distributors can offload something as complex as the payments process in order to continue to focus on their core competencies.

Credit Key is a B2B payment platform built around growing your business. From instant credit decisions, customer pre-approvals, to longer and larger credit terms, Credit Key can take the difficulty out of the payment process while adding capabilities.

“There is no doubt that the pandemic has played a critical role in digital transformation for the distribution industry. COVID has forced companies to look into new Digital ways to streamline business processes and business owners have greatly changed their procurement needs and their payment preferences. To dive into some of these changes, we have invited Eric Allen from Credit Key to talk about some of these changes or miscomnceptions about B2B payments and financing since the pandemic. Eric, what are some of the biggest changes you have noticed?"

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