5 Minutes With ID: Ian Heller on How Distributors Have Managed Downsizing

The pandemic has forced numerous distributors to downsize their operations and operate as lean as possible. Here, we chat about the difficulties in doing more with less.

Besides all of the supply chain chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, one of its most unfortunate impacts across businesses of all industries has been the need for many companies to suddenly downsize their operations. Throughout the spring and summer of 2020, many major industrial distributors and manufacturers announced considerable divestments, headcount reductions, or drastically lower capital spending as means of financially navigating the pandemic’s business impacts.

This kind of rapid adjustment can be difficult to manage — and especially so without modern technology to keep track of all the moving pieces and how one change impacts another. In this episode, I speak with Ian Heller, founder and chief strategy officer of Distribution Strategy Group, to get his thoughts on how distributors are dealing with these changes as they look to operate leaner than ever and do more with less.

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