WEBINAR: How Distributors Gain an Advantage in the Cloud

According to Forbes, 37 percent of workloads in 2019 were on-premise, meaning a significant segment of business environments were relying on internal infrastructure. And whether this was deliberate, or a product of a more plodding, long-term strategy didn’t matter in the end. What did matter was a sudden disruption meant 2020 would prove to be one of the most challenging years these organizations would ever encounter: and those with cloud technology supporting their businesses had a sizable advantage over their peers.

And while many distributors have been thinking about moving to the cloud for a while, it goes without saying that the businesses that took the plunge prior to, or early on in the pandemic were in a very good position to face the challenges. They had an easier time re-engineering their business and rolling with whatever business disruptions arose, especially those relating to scalability and remote work.

But despite their front row seat to this pandemic drama, some companies are still hesitating, and unfortunately may be falling farther behind.

Joining me today are Mike Mazzoni Manager, Solution Consulting for the business software company Infor, as well as Shan Fernando, Senior Director, Infor Services. For those distributors that have not yet evaluated a move to the cloud, we want to address common hesitations, outline key strategies for success, and suggest a path forward that answers the question ‘how can I get there?’

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