Roll-Kraft Adds Fastenal Vending Machines

As part of the company's drive for lean process for tube and pipe roll forming tooling production, Roll-Kraft has installed the Fastenal Automated Supply Technology vending system at its Mentor, Ohio headquarters.

Fastenal’s industrial vending solutions provide point-of-use access to supplies, while generating detailed usage reporting to drive consumption reduction.

According to Roll-Kraft, the company's new vending units allow it to operate more efficiently and reduce its overall product waste. Roll-Kraft notes that Fastenal customers are able to reduce their supply consumption by 25-35 percent while increasing worker productivity to continually meet customer deliveries by making supplies available 24/7 in close proximity to the workers who need them.  

Roll-Craft says the vending solution also adds several additional benefits to the company's operation:

  • Automated supply reordering – Less paperwork, time and effort for Roll-Kraft’s staff.
  • Identify maintenance issues with machines – Because of the product tracking in place, Roll-Kraft can accurately measure which machines are using more maintenance product. An excessive amount of use may preemptively indicate a repair is needed.
  • Analyze effectiveness of supplies - Roll-Kraft can now clearly track the effectiveness and lifespan of its supply products to determine which products provide the best results and perform most efficiently.

Roll-Kraft also operates plants in Frankfort, Illinois, and Woodbridge, Ontario.

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