SAN DIEGO — SupplyPro, an inventory management solutions provider, on Wednesday announced the release and availability of SupplySystem, the industry’s first modular industrial inventory control system for managing all types of indirect materials and tools. This easy to deploy, operate and manage system marks a revolutionary advancement from the outdated and inefficient re-purposed vending machines currently used in the market. Industrial distributors have long relied on SupplyPro’s full-service and comprehensive solutions to deliver the best inventory control systems for their own needs and for those of their customers. SupplySystem will strengthen these partnerships by delivering automated, state-of-the-art configurable technology with actionable insights via intelligent cloud software that will ultimately lower the total cost of ownership for distributors. 

“The tough economy has put enormous pressure on distributors to increase innovation, automation and efficiency,” said Floyd Miller, CEO of SupplyPro. “Distributors must now address emerging technologies, like mobile, the Internet of Things and Business Intelligence, when evaluating their business model. SupplySystem addresses the many challenges that distributors now face and brings industrial distribution into the 21st century by leveraging current technological advancements and providing distributors with the opportunity to offer greater value to their own customers.”

SupplySystem takes a modular approach to design, allowing distributors to meet their customers’ control requirements with the most efficient solution possible. Advanced configuration software and proprietary algorithms allow SupplySystem to be configured and reconfigured as needed, including the addition of new components, without tools or technicians, which dramatically reduces production time and ensures the preservation of the hardware investment. SupplySystem boasts over two million potential configurations, allowing each SKU to be managed in the most efficient control unit possible. This unparalleled flexibility, scalability and intelligence minimizes the risk and cost commonly associated with industrial vending products on the market today and significantly lowers the total cost of ownership for distributors, giving them a clear market advantage and point of differentiation.

“While perfecting SupplySystem’s all-new modular engineering was certainly a top priority, it was also critical that the SupplySystem software maximized the utility of the hardware with intelligent and intuitive design,” said Michael Reynolds, CTO of SupplyPro. “As a connected device, SupplySystem harnesses the power of the cloud to deliver real-time business intelligence to distributors, enabling them to both maximize efficiencies and provide strategic insight to their customer. SupplySystem is equipped with wizards that detect issues and alert distributors before they become problems and has the ability to troubleshoot every critical function, making it the most intelligent, self-sufficient inventory management solution on the market today.”

SupplySystem’s extensive cloud software package includes a variety of tools, 24/7 connection to SupplyPro’s inventory control experts and delivers up-to-the-minute information that is accessible on a variety of devices, including mobile.

"At EIS, we view SupplyPro as a strategic partner," said Joshua Bell, AIMS Dispense and CRM Project Manager. "Their current line of products helps us deliver unique solutions to our customers’ inventory management issues. SupplySystem is the latest example of the company's dedication to delivering the most comprehensive inventory management solutions. We are looking forward to leveraging SupplySystem's flexible hardware and actionable insights from the solution's suite of cloud software tools — both of which will enable us to provide better solutions to our customers.”

SupplySystem is available today with both single SKU and multiple SKU doors and drawers. Weight-based, box dispensers and motorized modules will be available in Q2 2017. Pricing varies by component and the cost of a total system will vary depending on the density of inventory control and how the system is configured. SupplyPro’s SupplyConfigurator application and Inventory Solution Delivery experts are available to provide configuration recommendations based on inventory requirements and control criteria..