PORTLAND, Ore. BlueVolt, the leading provider of online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for the construction, manufacturing and service industries has partnered with HD Supply to launch HD Supply University.

As one of the largest and most diversified wholesale distribution companies across the U.S. and Canada, HD Supply provides a wide variety of products to skilled professionals in the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and construction markets.

HD Supply University, powered by BlueVolt, gives the company’s external customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace by providing high-quality online training. Participants benefit from the latest technologies proven to enhance learning, sharpen on-the-job skills, improve safety, and foster collaboration between learners.

Since launching the University, HD Supply has experienced participation from more than 800 companies whose employees benefited from training on topics such as plumbing, electrical and appliance repair.

BlueVolt’s leading platform provides powerful reporting to HD Supply University administrators on-demand and via email. This reporting feature allows the company’s elearning administrators to see which customers are most engaged with various product training courses, and who may need additional support or information.

To ensure ease-of-use, HD Supply is using BlueVolt’s customized auto-enrollment feature, which automatically places enrolled participants into the appropriate company group and displays relevant courses to each individual learner. This user-friendly feature removes the need for learners to find courses or join a group on their own, which is often a barrier to successful elearning participation and knowledge retention.

“HD Supply’s new University will provide in-depth training courses to thousands of professionals in construction markets,” said Lisa Bordeaux, director of sales for BlueVolt. “By adding online courses to their existing robust training program, HD Supply’s customers will gain a better understanding of the products they are using no matter where they are based.”