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by UPS

The 2015 UPS Industrial Buying Dynamics study can help you thrive in an age of empowered buyers and increasing competition.
No one has to tell you about the market forces weighing on distributors: from high expectations of the purchase experience, to direct-from-manufacturer purchasing, to rapidly changing demographics. Read this white paper to uncover the perceptions and behaviors driving the changes, and gain insight into how you can leverage them into greater differentiation and growth.

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by Cisco

Manufacturers like you can gain a competitive advantage from the Internet of Things (IoT), or connecting items in the physical world to the Internet. Download now to learn how IoT can help manufacturers improve resource efficiency, safety, and return on assets, plus grow revenue and save money.

by Cisco

Operations where plant floors, front offices, and suppliers operate in independent silos, where managers have only hazy visibility into downtime and quality problems, and where the root causes of inefficiencies are rarely understood or addressed.

by Cisco

Visibility to real-time overall equipment effectiveness and line productivity and reducing production line change over time


While the economy continues to suffer from uncertainty about the future, there are two trends that leave little doubt... As the heroes of the downturn, procurement teams are being asked to aim for even higher savings targets moving forward. At the same time, 78% of sales teams are reporting that their quotas have increased, with only 24% being very confident they can actually achieve them. So...empowered buyers are pushing for more savings while nervous sellers are pushing for more sales...and your margins are caught in the middle.


Seven Myths and Outdated Beliefs That Are Causing Companies to Fall Further and Further Behind Pricing effectively in B2B has never been easy. But today, increases in pricing transparency, information access, and global competition are conspiring to make a difficult task even more challenging. For many companies, memories of the last downturn are all too clear. And as a result, most are focused on driving efficiency and productivity to maintain financial health. In this situation, pricing technology would seem to be the right solution at exactly the right time. After all, pricing has more leverage on profitability than sales volume or operating costs. And technology has long been a proven source of efficiency and productivity gains. So the combination seems ideal.

Aberdeen Group

This Research Report explores the value of price optimization solutions in contributing to more efficient customer management strategies.


You’ve worked for weeks to pull together the perfect presentation in your quarterly pricing review. You have mined data from a variety of systems and your analysis is spot-on. Then — the week before your meeting, a key competitor makes a price move that changes the market dynamics.

by T.J. Monico and John Newman, Industrial Distribution Investment Banking, KeyBanc Capital Markets

Private equity and investment banking experts from AEA Investors and KeyBanc Capital Markets share perspectives on the market for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the distribution industry.


3 ways to gain full visibility and control of supply chain operations Read these 3 customer cases to see how supply chain professionals can have complete visibility and control of the supply chain and alignment with the overall strategy. Learn how to gain visibility and control through: • Aligning Supply Chain Processes with Business Strategy • Allocating Resources • Effective Planning and Decision Making

Hybris commissioned a study that examined industrial distribution as a whole, and took an even closer look at specific segments, to uncover those with the greatest need for e-commerce enhancements. One sector that was readily identifiable related to distributors of hydraulics products. After the results were analyzed, it was apparent that many hydraulics distributors need to take measures to ensure their websites deliver more than just general information. The next crucial investments will enable them to fully realize the benefits of product data, customer service, sales support, and sales made over the web.

This report highlights how 50 safety products distributors scored when assessed for website usability, content, customer service, and more. It also suggests some critical first steps for moving an e-commerce platform towards offering long-term, sustainable business benefits.


Balancing the needs of your customers can be a moving target. The UPS B2B Purchasing Insights Study offers a glimpse into the purchasing preferences of industrial supplies buyers and the factors that influence their buying decisions. See how your business stacks up. The results might surprise you.

From accelerating searches on their Web sites to better servicing their dealers, multi-channel distributors are driving higher sales by managing and enriching their product information. If you’re considering a Product Information Management (PIM) initiative, download our new whitepaper, Preparing for PIM: First Steps to Getting Ready for Your Product Information Management Initiative. You’ll find out who should be part of your PIM team, including program sponsors and champions. You’ll gain helpful insights, lessons learned, and best practices to launch a successful PIM program and lay the groundwork for success.

In this white paper, discover a variety of scenarios for independent, privately-held industrial distribution companies to monetize their value and diversify their wealth while positioning their companies for robust growth. You will also learn about the characteristics that make an industrial distribution business attractive to financial sponsors.

To remain competitive in today's rapidly transforming digital marketplace, manufacturing and distribution leaders are faced with many challenges to make the right choices about eCommerce technology. The need to quickly deploy new technologies and weave them into the overall fabric of their business is critically important. A Land and Expand strategy allows your organization to quickly and cost-effectively establish the “core” for its digital ecosystem and enable the speedy deployment of additional technologies that are increasingly available in the marketplace today.


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