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Want to increase your sales but not sure where to start? Forget about new sales reps, better products or lower prices. Focus on market segmentation to improve your close rate. Our new eBook, 4 Ways Better Market Segmentation Leads To Higher Sales, will show you how to get more from your market segmentation efforts, improving your close rates and your profitability.
In this informative new eBook, you’ll learn how:
• Personalized offers improve win rates
• Targeted pricing drives better margins
• Better offers lead to better customer loyalty
• Segmented metrics make it easier to track performance

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by Hybris

This report analyzes the findings of the audit of 200 electrical wholesaling company websites and offers guidance on how electrical wholesalers can respond to the changing needs of their buyers and build robust, multi-channel E-Commerce solutions that are in line with customer expectations.

by Hybris

Learn how B2B organizations can reduce costs, increase revenue, conversions, and customer satisfaction, and effectively manage complex transactions all by leveraging multi-channel commerce.

by Hybris

This report provides insights into the preferences of today’s procurement and business professionals that buy products on behalf of their company and offers strategic guidance on the required commerce technology capabilities and potential operations improvements that emerge from these insights.

by Hybris

Whether your goal is to increase customer loyalty and boost online sales, or test a new market, requests to implement user experience enhancements and new commerce platforms are happening more quickly than ever. This special report provides guidance for implementing an E-Commerce Platform in 90 days.

by Hybris

B2B companies are under heavy pressure to offer robust E-Commerce capabilities that rival best-of-breed consumer-focused companies. This report provides a framework for building an ROI model used to demonstrate the advantages of a new E-Commerce implementation to senior executives and board members.

When planning to deploy a new data collection system at your company, there are a lot of points to consider before signing on the dotted line. So prior to making the investment, assess the unique needs of your company. Analyze your business process requirements and the technology infrastructure. Those tasks may seem daunting, but it will ultimately mean the difference between extreme frustration and a sense of accomplishment once the solution is deployed. Having the right technology in place will mean the job gets done with the desired results that fit your overall business goals.

Picture this...Employees are wandering the aisles of your warehouse, trying to find an inventory item to complete a shipment that must go out today. Unfortunately, the item appears to be either out of stock or has been placed in the wrong section of your facility. The problem is your manual records are incorrect — so you have no way of knowing.


This case study explains how a major electronics distributor got an additional 230 basis points of profit through pricing alone by going from instinctive, manual pricing to science-based, optimized pricing.


This white paper discusses the success of variant pricing in adding profits to manufacturing companies and the related benefit it could have among distributors.


This paper outlines the steps distributors can take to protect margins from being squeezed between manufacturers and customers.

by Insite Software

Is your company facing a storm of increased customer requests around online buying and customer experience? Unsure of where to start and what to consider? Consider Insite’s approach to create a different kind of storm:  Strategy, Technology, Organizational Change, Resources, and Marketing. Download this whitepaper on the 5 Critical elements to a successful eCommerce strategy. Compliments of Insite Software. 

Learn how this electronics distributor was able to turn around continuous margin decline in a hyper-competitive environment. By ditching time-consuming manual processes and gut instinct for price optimization using science-based segmentation and pricing guidance, this multi-billion dollar, high-tech electronics distributor saw dramatic results. Below-floor prices reduced by more than 10 percent, a more than 10 percent increase in invoices exceeding target, and a 230 basis points increase in gross profits. And that’s just the beginning.

The pricing power of most distributors is fading away. With manufacturers and suppliers building closer relationships with retail and wholesale customers, increasing price transparency in the information age, and better differentiation of their products by manufacturers, your margins are being squeezed from all sides. Download this whitepaper and learn the steps you can take to overcome your biggest pricing challenges.

Get critical insights from your mountains of customer, product, and transaction data to solve your biggest pricing and sales challenges. Scientific segmentation and big data technology can provide valuable insight into what customers are willing to pay. Armed with the right information, your sales reps can negotiate with confidence and get an inside track to find new sales leads that they didn’t even know existed. Download this whitepaper and find out what a new approach to segmentation can do for you.

by hybris

In recent years, the rise of omni-channel commerce and proliferation of digital channels have precipitated seismic shifts in consumer behavior. Customers who might have previously beenmotivated by brand loyalty are now faced with a superabundance of shopping options and limited time to navigate them – a scenario that promotes more carefully considered purchasing decisions in response to precise desires and requirements.


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