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Linkable Workstation Mats

Thu, 01/31/2013 - 9:40am

Dalton, GA - The Hog Heaven Modular Tile II and Hog Heaven II Linkable Mats from Anderson Co.feature connectors on the side of each tile that have been updated to provide a much more secure connection. The “T” connector is smaller than the previous connectors allowing for more connecting points. When tested with lift truck traffic the connections held, according to the company. Linkable Mats utilize the same technology as Hog Heaven Modular tile. These mats come in a 43.75” width and can be linked together in 3 foot sections to make long modular installations that are easy to install and move when needed. The modular design also allows for replacement of damaged sections rather than replacing a whole runner that can be very costly. The linkable system includes a modular end section that has borders on 3 sides and a modular middle section that has borders on 2 sides. To build a runner simply link as many 3 foot middle sections as are needed and finish both ends with the modular end sections. Hog Heaven Linkable mats are available with or without slip resistant Grit surface and with or without yellow borders.

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