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Automated Pick Vehicle

Mon, 02/11/2013 - 12:55pm

Buchs, Switzerland - Swisslog's AGVPick is a cost efficient solution based on standard Class III pallet trucks which are enhanced with a control and navigation kit to autonomously transport empty and full pallets according to the assigned tasks. To accommodate full flexibility in route and use, (e.g. pickers end of the shift, long distance between picks) the AGVPick vehicle can also be driven manually as a normal electric pallet truck. Productivity gain in picking and pallet transport AGVPick takes away all non-value add activities from the picker: bringing empty pallets to the start of the pick tour, jumping on and off the truck during the pick run, and delivering completed order pallets to the dispatch area. The AGVPick’s traffic management system integrates with the host WMS ensuring the most efficient deployment of vehicles and assignment of pick routes. The AGVPick vehicles integrate seamlessly with manual operations. During peak times, it is easily planned to augment the additional work with manual pallet trucks to cover the higher volumes of the peak season. Improved accuracy, improved safety, less damage Voice or RF integration with the vehicle automatically stopping at the right pick location enables maximum pick accuracy. Laser guided AGVPick vehicles include six (6) laser safety sensors to allow the vehicles to operate safely around workers and equipment. AGVPick not only improves safety but also eliminates damage to product and facilities.

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